To the Candidate

Thank you for coming to our website. Chances are you may be visiting our site because you are unemployed, or you may just want to see what types of positions are open, and where. I understand the pain and frustration of looking for a job in today's economic climate.

Let's face it: all companies are focused on one thing - new business and additional revenue. The value that any recruiter, including us, brings to our client company is to help them hire executives and managers, and sales, operations, and creative people who have a proven track record of adding value.

It is wise to always have an up-to-date resume in our database, and you will hear from one of our recruiters, when and if we have been retained for an assignment where your background looks like it might be of interest to our client. But please understand that we are not here to find you a job – our business is to help our client company hire the right person for the job. Please click on the "Jobs Listing" part of this website to review the assignments we are currently working on, and check back weekly for updates and additions .

You can write me directly with any questions at

Sincerely Yours, 

Stephen Viscusi