Our Services

What We Do For You

Headed by Chief Executive Officer Stephen Viscusi, we have an extensive team of executive recruiters and researchers who will work on your behalf to find the top-quality candidates for your firm. However, we do not simply send you “names” -- we act as a consultant for you to help you make the best choice. 

We offer the following services:
  • We launch an intensive research program to identify target companies (often your competitors) and specific executives or sales people likely to meet your candidate specifications and position criteria
  • We contact and interview prospective candidates to gauge their qualifications, interest in the position, and expected fit within the organization. 
  • We ask candidates the "tough questions" that you may not want to ask. 
  • We keep you posted on progress of the search through ongoing communications and progress meetings. 
  • We provide you in-depth notes on each viable candidate in the search and will help you select the most appropriate candidates. 
  • We prepare you and the candidates for the interview process. 
  • We present the best-qualified candidate for your consideration. 

The Viscusi Interview 

“The Viscusi Group Interview” is based on years of experience in the field interviewing potential candidates. Each recruiter is trained to identify the right chemistry which will match our clients’ specific corporate culture while keeping in mind the reality of income and benefits. That initial interview with The Viscusi Group partnered with common sense, intuition, and fact-checking leads to the recommendation for a client/candidate interview—these recommendations are never based on the resume alone.

Other factors for recommending an interview may include having met with the candidate at a juncture unrelated to this specific search, or the quality of the recommender or source. Each time we send a resume to our clients, we will have already pre-screened a dozen other candidates.  The “recommendation” for a client/candidate interview represents most of what our clients hire The Viscusi Group for—not the resume itself.