The Viscusi Technique

The Viscusi Group: An Introduction

The Viscusi Group is a boutique search practice established in 1985. We are hired to recruit potential candidates, provide advice on whom to hire, and facilitate making that hire happen. We provide the delicate, yet critical, skill of attracting the candidates that most interest our clients.

As the liaison in the recruiting process, we handle the most difficult aspects of attracting a potential candidate for our clients. We ask the difficult questions regarding compensation, benefits, and career goals. We attempt to find out where else a candidate may be interviewing and what salary expectations the candidate has—leaving our client with a crystal-clear picture of all the vital information on their candidate.   

For each client, Viscusi develops a specialized target list from which to recruit and launch an intensive research program. The research extends into different companies to identify individuals in these organizations with the most appropriate backgrounds. The Viscusi Group entices candidates to meet and interview with our clients by conveying the attractive career opportunities, exceptional products, and the increase in base earnings available at their new potential place of employment. An increase in income-over-opportunity is the primary motivating factor in most candidates' decisions to make the move. 

Throughout the search process, The Viscusi Group keeps our clients and candidates up to date on the status of the search while providing caring, incisive direction. We know how important it is to select the right candidate to join your company in a timely fashion. That is why Viscusi is meticulously careful to ensure that we understand your unique needs and concerns. We work quickly and efficiently to identify and present appropriate executives and successfully complete the recruitment process in better than industry-average time.

To ensure that our clients receive our full attention, we only accept a limited number of assignments at any given time.