On CNBC, August 12th!

Set your DVR to CNBC for August 12th!

I’m featured on a new TV show called “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor", on CNBC. I’m scheduled to help kick off the first episode on Wednesday August 12th at 10PM EDT. It’s a show from England that’s like a “Shark Tank” but exclusively for inventors. I’m like the “Shark.”

The invention that I’m contemplating investing in, on this first episode, is called the Marinara Tower. It’s essentially a chocolate fountain for marinara sauce, where you can dip meatballs and bread instead of strawberries . If anyone should know about marinara sauce, it’s an Italian cook like me!

I hope you’ll watch me in the premiere episode to see if I made the right decision. Each episode is two inventions and two “Sharks.” I don’t know where I come on in the episode, and it’s TV folks so of course, anything can change.

As a favor, as it gets closer, I hope you’ll consider posting this to your friends on social media, encourage them to watch the episode, and let CNBC know what you thought.

Thank you!