​The Uber Syndrome or Boars in the Boardroom: Coaching your CEO and Key Executives to be nice

In this intensive Executive Master Class, workplace expert, two-time best-selling author of Bulletproof Your Job from Harper Collins and On the Job from Three Rivers Press, and TV’s Workplace Guru Stephen Viscusi offers his fool-proof method and mindset for ensuring C-suite executives learn to conduct themselves with the utmost urbanity. Viscusi teaches your Executives how to keep their ego in-check while not diminishing their genius. Tailored to public companies and VC-funded companies considering IPOs, this intensive crash-course is guaranteed to preempt some of the worst leadership habits that doom companies. We have heard the stories of promising companies grasping failure out of the jaws of success proliferate, there is no single thing about which high-grossing tech companies should be more concerned than the bad behavior and bad judgment of their young leadership. We all saw what happened to Uber. Viscusi can identify that frat-house behavior and exorcise it out of the Executive suite- from the CEO to key executives, it’s gone. The Viscusi Affect trickles down throughout an organization, so that employee interaction is respectful, making your brand more authentic.

Do not let that happen to your company. Companies—especially companies growing at the rate of most tech companies today—need executives who understand their role as brand representatives and not just good programmers. America’s Workplace Guru understands the complex dynamics of young executives running into enormous success. Simply put, Viscusi thinks the matter can be solved by personal introspection and he can guide this process. Your investors, employees, and customers will all thank you.

Now, more than ever, today's most important companies are run by people who know a lot about their business but not much about how to run a company. Viscusi has extensive experience in both corporate leadership and corporate guidance. He has rubbed elbows with the most successful CEOs and knows what makes the good ones so good and the bad ones so bad. This one-day Executive Master Class will educate leadership on the realities of running companies today. Focused on helping inexperienced leaders adjust to their newfound success, their newfound riches, their newfound attention, their burgeoning egos, and their mounting responsibilities. Viscusi’s five-step program will help these young renegades stay on topic and maintain control in their highly stressful roles…To book Stephen Viscusi to deliver this program at your company, contact in confidence Stephen@viscusi.com or call 212.979.5700 ext 101

Book this program for your company: Only a few dates are still available for the 2017 calendar year.

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