2 Years Replacement Guarantee

Our Pledge to Our Customers

We offer a two years' replacement guarantee on all candidates hired through The Viscusi Group.

If an employee you hire through The Viscusi Group is not performing to your expectations and you fire them within two years of their start date -- for any reason what so ever -- we will replace that person at no extra charge. The same replacement applies if a candidate hired through us quits anytime during the first two years of employment.

Unlike a product whose longevity can be predicted and warrantied, the duration of a new employee is unpredictable. However, The Viscusi Group is completely confident in the strength of our recommendations, and we stand behind our service 100%. This is why we will replace all new hires for up to two years from their start date. 

If you are working with a different recruiter right now, compare the replacement guarantee.

Stephen Viscusi, CEO of The Viscusi Group